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"Music makes everything better."

- Olyssa Mesh Herico

Meet Olyssa!

A talented 12-year-old musician who continually captivates audiences with her exceptional talent and passion for music. With a range of skills that include songwriting, composing original melodies, creating her own backing tracks, and being a multi-instrumentalist, her talents seem to be endless, and her energy and spirit are infectious!

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Violet Vondar Haar

founder & ceo of compass inc.

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"Although Olyssa is only 12 years old, she stands on stage with the confidence of a well-seasoned musician."

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Not only does Olyssa excel in writing songs, but she also takes on the challenge of producing her own backing tracks. Armed with a keen ear for melody and a keen eye for detail, she expertly blends different instruments, rhythms, and harmonies to complement her original compositions. This exceptional ability to create captivating music from scratch truly showcases her talent and versatility.

Her wide musical genre is a fusion of pop, rock, blues, bossa nova, and power ballads. She gets her musical inspiration from Amy Lee of Evanescence, Alanis Morissette, and pop singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo.

Get ready to rock, sing and dance with her original music!

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Original Songs

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Her songwriting skills go beyond her years, exhibiting a maturity and depth that is rare for someone her age.

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I think what sets Olyssa apart is her ability to craft beautifully written songs that resonate with listeners of all ages.

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Incredibly versatile, she effortlessly demonstrates her mastery of multiple instruments, including drums, guitar, and even the piano. Each instrument she touches becomes an extension of her soul, allowing her to tell enchanting stories and evoke profound emotions through her melodies. Whether she is skillfully strumming chords on her guitar or producing intricate rhythms on the drums, Olyssa's musicality is nothing short of captivating.

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Her parents have been pivotal influences, nurturing her love for music and providing her with a solid musical foundation.

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Born into a family of musicians – with her mother "Mesh" as a skilled drummer and her father "Liam" a gifted guitarist – she has been surrounded by music from an early age, fostering her love for the art form and paving the way for her remarkable journey.

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(63) 995 8500 517



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Don't miss the chance to have Olyssa grace your event with her outstanding musical abilities and awe-inspiring original compositions.

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What's New?

Dusk and Dawn is a five person band that was put together from a shared passion of music and expression of sound. They consistently stick to their sound “Indie-rock”. Their inspiration comes from the creator of the band Violet and the Undercurrents, Violet Vonder Haar, leader of Compass Music Camp.

Lead singer ADRIA is an alto and is a vibrant, colorful, and inspiring artist. (Sun)

The multiskilled ability is remarkable with semi pianist, drummer, and songwriter OLYSSA who has an amazing love for music. (Eclipse)

LILY is a bass guitarist and is able to play incredible melodies on whatever is given to them. (Moon)

Acoustic guitarist, ukulelist, percussionist and upcoming bassist, DARCY, is an aspiring musician, skill builder and determined individual. (Morning)

Electric guitarist LYLA has been playing for eight years and has grown incredibles skills in solos. (Night)

July 2023

Photo by Amy Enderle

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Live performance

Coffee Rush EastRidge Binangonan Rizal, Philippines

January 5, 2024 (Friday)

5:00 pm


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